Thirty days ago, after many months of testing and development, we released Days of Discord to the iOS App Store. We were thrilled by the reception. In spite of spending very little money in marketing, we brought in 5000 new players who gave us mostly Five Star ratings.

More importantly, we made new friends. Loyal fans who spend an average of 26 minutes per day in the very special world we created. Fans who joined our livestreams, or set up livestreams of their own to share their love of the game. Fans who challenged us in head to head PvP, in special live events and challenged each other for top 10 ranking on the Leaderboard. Your passion for the game is contagious and we loved being able to bring you new content, new cards and new features earlier this week.

But as amazing as this is, we live in a brutally competitive world and finding customers on the App Store has proven challenging for us – simply put, there just aren’t enough of you right now and it is proving too expensive for us to reach enough new players for the game to pay its way. And sadly, Muti Labs will be shutting down.

Although we are all having to go our own ways, we plan to keep Days of Discord alive for another month and will not be selling any items or currency during that time. We invite you to continue playing and earning in-game credits until we are forced to take it down.

We poured our hearts and souls into Days of Discord and we succeeded in adding something fresh, cool and unique to the art form we are so proud to be a part of. On behalf of everyone who contributed to the game, we thank you for your support, your encouragement, and your valuable input along the way. Although we are sad not to be moving forward together, the gifted team we assembled to make Days of Discord is going to continue to entertain you in future with their creativity and imagination.

Thank you and see you soon.
Graham Hopper, Founder & CEO

Muti Labs was created by gamers to make the kind of mobile games we wanted to play, but couldn’t find — more thoughtful and strategic, providing a relationship with a game that could go on for weeks, months and years. Days of Discord hits that mark for us.

After weeks of paper prototypes created by Lesley Mathieson, keeping track of scores got too complex and so Brian Leake rolled up his sleeves, dusted off XCode and built us the very first version of what was to become Days of Discord. We jammed through factions and cards after that. Jay Riddle set the creative tone for the game and we brought on a team of talented game designers, artists and engineers to bring Days of Discord to life. I’m very grateful for their contributions and those of our entire support team and the advisors who helped us along the way.

We’ve torn our hair out at times looking for bugs and had to kick ourselves and laugh – like when we discovered that the reason the office was so hot last Summer, was not the new equipment we were using, but the fact that the gas wall heater was stuck at 79 degrees. But the lessons of Indie development are for another posting.

We’ve tested the game in markets around the world and are extremely grateful to the players who joined us along the way, letting us know what they liked, what they wanted more of, and what we should change. But we don’t see the game you download today as being complete – we want it to continue to evolve with your input. So join the forums and tell us your thoughts at

– Graham Hopper, Founder and CEO

A happy and proud @MutiLabs team after submitting the Alpha build of our unannounced mobile game to Apple. We are recruiting Alpha Testers now. Sign up here: #indiedev #gamedev #startup #iOS #siliconbeach Muti Labs Alpha Milestone 1-2015