Grieving mum heartbroken as raw sewage floods home and destroys dead daughter’s memorial


A grieving mum is demanding answers after raw sewage flooded her family home and wrecked her tragic daughter’s memorial garden.

Lyndsey Bennett was horrified when she looked outside and saw filthy waste water gushing into her back garden.

The heartbroken mum broke down in tears when she saw the stinking sewage had destroyed a poignant memorial garden she had planted in memory of her daughter Emily.

The bubbly 25-year-old died in January this year after suffering a cardiac arrest and pneumonia.

The parent, who lives in Worcester, said: “The smell is so awful I have been sick multiple times.

“It was overflowing and I worried it was going to be at my back door. I lost my daughter not long ago and this is just too much to take.”

Severn Trent told The Mirror: “We’re sorry about Ms Bennett’s situation as this is deeply distressing, our team worked quickly to remove the blockage caused by a build-up of wet wipes on the network yesterday morning and immediately began a thorough clean of the garden.

“We have returned to the property this morning (27 September) to complete the clean-up and we’re in close communication with Ms Bennett to see how we can further support at this time.”

Lyndsey first became aware of the situation after waking up early on Monday to let Emily’s cat outside into the garden.

She said: “I let Tinkerbell out this morning and she ran straight all of the filth. She was my daughter’s cat so I do not want to lose her, I was so scared.

“It was about 7.15am, I rang somebody from environmental health. They came out and said it was not something they were able to help with so I called the fire service as well.

“All the flowers are going to die in my daughter’s memorial garden, it has been horrible.”

When Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service arrived at the house, they were also unable to help.

As well as the back garden flooding, there is also water pooling at the front of the property as well.

Lyndsey created her memorial garden as a tribute to her and as somewhere she can go to quietly remember her daughter.

Due to the severity of the flooding, she cannot even walk to the memorial garden to be able to rescue flowers and trinkets.

The stench is so bad that it has left her feeling sick and she is concerned about the contents of the water.

Visible remnants of toilet paper could be seen floating in the inch-deep brown, stagnant water.

On Tuesday, Severn Trent turned up at the property in Brickfields Road, to pump out the sewage from the garden.