Dogs Bon Jovi and Rod Stewart so neglected vets couldn’t tell their breed


They’ve spent their entire lives locked up in crates – and just need somebody to give them a second chance. Two dogs, named Bon Jovi and Rod Stewart, have been taken in by the RSPCA’s Derby and District Branch after being rescued by inspectors.

They arrived at their Abbey Street centre covered in urine, faeces and were so mattered, vets struggled to identify their breeds. After cleaning them up, it was discovered the two Tibetan Terriers had other issues which likely developed due to their poor treatment and unsuitable living conditions.

An RSPCA statement reads: “Bon Jovi and Rod Stewart have come from a property where they were kept in a crate the whole time until they were rescued.

“We couldn’t leave them in such a terrible state a moment longer, so both dogs had an emergency trip to our vet.

“They were sedated and clipped in what turned out to be a mammoth process. Now they have been shaved, both dogs now feel so much better and have started to learn that people touching doesn’t hurt them anymore.

“Rod Stewart also had nails that had curled around and grown into his back pads resulting in a hole around an inch wide in his feet. The nails have now been clipped back and Rod is on pain relief and antibiotics.

“Bon Jovi has an eye issue which we are currently monitoring but will require further treatment from us down the line, possibly losing one or both his eyes. He is currently on eye drops and pain relief to make him comfortable.

“On top of all this both dogs also required extensive dental treatment to ensure their rotting teeth were removed and any remaining teeth were cleaned.”

As neither of the dogs had ever been taken out on a walk before, the RSPCA’s rehabilitation and behaviourist teams have been slowly introducing them to the world around them.

They have launched a JustGiving page to raise money for the 12-year-old dogs’ ongoing medical treatments and rehabilitation after suffering a lifetime of abuse.

“Sadly, these two little dogs highlight some of the severe and distressing cases we deal with on a regular basis,” the statement adds.

“The grooming, vet visits, medication, future operations and care for these two neglected dogs costs in the region of £1,000. If we beat our target the remaining money will go to other animals in our care who need medical treatments.”

If you’re interested in supporting Bon Jovi and Rod Steward through their treatments, visit their JustGiving page, and if you’d like to welcome them into your home, contact the charity’s rehoming team on 01332 344620 or via email on [email protected]

RSPCA Derby and District Branch is an independent, self-funded charity helping animals in need across Derbyshire. Their team rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes around 1,000 animals every year.